Video as Urban Condition
video archive and discussion space

Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, 19 April - 27 May 2007

Video as Urban Condition presents an open archive and discussion space, exploring how video shapes urban experience. Explore the video archive, join the discussion, contribute.
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The video archive transforms the basement of the museum into an environment for wandering and inhabiting, for moving images and conversations. Navigate it with the familiar buttons: play, skip, rewind, and by the constellations of points of contact, interest and identification provided by the video compilations which form the archive.

Thursday evening discussions
Presented by Video as Urban Condition. In German. Entrance Free.

Thursday 19 April 2007, 19:00–23:00
I See You: You See Me
Öffentlicher Raum und persönliche Medienpolitik
public space and personal media politics

with Thomas Lehner, Dorit Margreiter, Barbara Musil, Georg Ritter, Gunda Wiesner

Thursday 26 April 2007, 19:00–23:00
This is a Simulation
Stadtmodelle, Wunschbilder und Spielräume
model cities, wish images and playgrounds

with Sabine Bitter, Helge Mooshammer, Sasha Pirker, Axel Stockburger, Helmut Weber

Thursday 10 May 2007, 19:00–23:00
Closed Circuits Voyeurismus, (Selbst-)Kontrolle und Fernsehen
voyeurism, (self-)control and TV

with Thomas Edlinger, Adrian D, Anca Daucikova, Ramón Reichert

Wednesday afternoon lectures and three-day workshops
Presented by the Arts University Linz, Dept. of Media Theory and CoDy, Linz

Digitale Räume und Fernsehen der Zukunft. Modelle, Medien, Politiken, Technologien,Visionen und aktuelle Ansätze Freier Fernseh- und Videoarbeit.
Alle Workshops finden im Lentos statt. Eintritt ins Lentos und Teilnahme an den Workshops ist frei. Aufgrund der beschränkten TeilnehmerInnenzahl wird um Anmeldung per E-Mail office[at] oder 0664 9201325 (Otto Tremetzberger) gebeten.
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Mittwoch 2. Mai 2007, 14:00–16:00 (Vortrag)
Die OKTO – Vision: Community Fernsehen in Wien
Christian Jungwirth, Okto – Community TV Wien
+ Workshop TV Crashkurs mit OKTO – Community TV Wien

Mittwoch 9. Mai 2007, 14:00–16:00
Wem gehören die Medien?
Franz Fend, Journalist
Michael Schweiger, Radio FRO

Mittwoch 16. Mai 2007, 14:00–17:00
Warum Fernsehen?
Thomas Lehner, Medienkünstler, Stadtwerkstatt TV
Georg Ritter, Künstler, CoDy
+ Workshop Fernsehen in Künstlerhand

Mittwoch 23. Mai 2007, 14:00–16:00
Fernsehen der Zukunft?

Thursday evening lecture
Presented by the Art University, Linz, Dept. of Media Theory and CoDy, Linz

Donnerstag 24. Mai 2007, 19:00–21:00
User generated Content — Wie organisiert man das?
David Röthler,
Tassilo Pellegrini, Semantic Web School Vienna
Peter Wagenhuber, Ushi Reiter, Servus – Kunst und Kultur im Netz,

Video as Urban Condition reflects on the mutability of video as it shifts between fact and fiction, entertainment and persuasion, urban fantasy and reality-TV, art and activism, surveillance and control — tracing the web of interactions between of media and architecture, subject and commodity, identity and desire, the city and its phantasmagoria.

The project examines a medium whose most distinctive characteristics are multiplicity and diversity, a form which is not contained by the norms and institutions of art nor by the exclusive domains of professionals. Video is a medium of mass production — that is, mass participation — as well as of mass consumption. The project recognises the diversity of activity in the field and challenges us to reflect on how the relations of representation in society are mediated by video.

Organised by Anthony Auerbach and Thomas Edlinger.

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