Eindhoven Projects

Part 1: 06 - 07 2006 | Part 2: 05 - 09 2008

Eindhoven Projects - Vanabbemuseum
The Eindhoven Projects are a series of events and it is also a new initiative within Van Abbemuseum’s policy. The Eindhoven Projects are designed to build up creative and hospitable relationships with the museum’s immediate surroundings, thereby initiating an exchange with the Eindhoven region. This is achieved by having a number of artists from Eindhoven implement a project as well as by inviting international artists to implement projects with specific target groups from Eindhoven. In addition, these projects create an opportunity to develop new forms of public art that can be exhibited both inside and outside the museum. Ultimately, the Van Abbemuseum will more than ever before become a meeting place for diverse communities within the region’s population.

part 1

part 2

For more information on the Eindhven Projects see also the Van Abbemuseum website.