born in Tucson, Arizona, USA, studied theology at the University of San Francisco and the University of Innsbruck; lives in Linz since 1985 and works as a translator with an emphasis on contemporary art and new media:


geboren in Tucson, Arizona, USA, studierte Theologie an der University of San Franscisco und an der Universitaet Innsbruck; lebt seit 1985 in Linz und arbeitet als Uebersetzerin mit Schwerpunkt Zeitgenoessische Kunst und Neue Medien:


nacida en Tucson, Arizona (EEUU), estudió teología en las universidades de San Francisco e Innsbruck. Vive en Linz desde 1985 y su trabajo como traductora se dirige sobre todo al campo del arte contemporáneo y los nuevos medios:


Recomposition and Movement
(processes of social recomposition )

Simultaneous – From Wage Form to Space Form?
(Klaus Neundlinger)

Micropolitics and Hegemony
(Stephan Adolphs / Serhat Karakayalı)

The Subalterns’ Present
(beyond postcolonialism: the production of the global common)

Practical Theories?
(Ruth Sonderegger)

When the Spoon Becomes a Knife
(Klaus Neundlinger)

Strategic Universalism: Dead Concept Walking
(Boris Buden)

Timescapes. The Logic of the Sentence
(Angela Melitopoulos)

Women, Friends to the World!
(Birge Krondofer)

Language Running Wild. Liberation of the Expression.
(Helmut Neundlinger)

Provocation, Poetry and Politics
(Rosa Reitsamer)

Will Carinthia Remain German?
(practices of multilinguality vs. national language-policies)

Can the Subaltern speak German?
(beyond postcolonialism: the production of the global common)

Metaphysical Assertions
(Tom Waibel)

“J’y étais”. On Continuing the Speaking of Testimonies from the Year 1892
(Brigitta Kuster)

Bodies, Things, and Social Machines
(Gerald Raunig)

Can Witnesses Speak?
(Hito Steyerl)

The Monster Precariat
(processes of social recomposition )

Photography as Illegitimate Art
(Christoph Behnke)

The Pit of Babel
(critique of culturalisation)

"Culture" and the Analysis of Power
(critique of culturalisation)

The Habitus of the Critical
(Helmut Draxler)

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