has worked in educational publishing for 19 years. A bilingual lexicographer (French <--> English) at Oxford University Press at the outset, she then managed the development of multilingual databases for major language-technology clients and prepared dictionary and reference material for Oxford Reference Online. She works as a freelance editor/translator/project manager. She also delivers training courses in business writing. In 2005, travel publishers Cadogan Guides published her children’s guide to Ireland.


“Semiotic Pluralism” and the New Government of Signs
(Maurizio Lazzarato)

The Language of Things and the Magic of Language
(Kathrin Busch)

Whose Universalism Is It?
(Nora Sternfeld)

Privateers in the Sea of Signs
(Tom Waibel)

Bourdieu’s Photography of Coevalness
(Christian Kravagna)

Babblings from France
(practices of multilinguality vs. national language-policies)

From Reason to Common Sense
(Hakan Gürses)

From Rap to Slam: Music and Speech Intertwined
(David Querrien / Kevin Vrolant / Anne Querrien)

A Strategy of Deployment
(Ljubomir Bratić)

The African Slave Trade and Slavery
(Françoise Vergès)

“Everything for everyone!”
(Jens Kastner)

Europe – A Construction Site of Translation
(Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes / Boris Buden)

The “Good News” of Precarization
(Efthimia Panagiotidis)

Translating, Moving, Caring, Creating
(Anne Querrien)

Sociological Investigations
(Franz Schultheis)

Photographs in Context
(Christine Frisinghelli)

1968 and after
(Katja Diefenbach)

“What We Defend, We Defend For Everyone”
(Antonella Corsani)

En Route to the "Summit of the Art of Sociology"
(Beatrice von Bismarck)

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