born 1945, sociologist and urbanist, works as the editor of the magazine Les Annales de la Recherche Urbaine, and participates in the editorial board of the journals Multitudes and Chimères. She translates articles fro those journals mostly from English, sometimes from Spanish. She has participated to the translation of two books from Italian written by Christian Marazzi ( La place des chaussettes et Et vogue l'argent), and to the translation of A hacker Manifesto by Mackenzie Wark. She lives in Paris.

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· Du rap au slam : les musiques du métissage
· Vom Rap zum Slam: Musiken des Vermischens
· From Rap to Slam: Music and Speech Intertwined
· Del rap al slam: músicas de mestizaje

· Traduire, déplacer, soigner, créer
Une activité mineure

· Übersetzen, verschieben, pflegen, erschaffen
Eine minoritäre Tätigkeit

· Translating, Moving, Caring, Creating
A minor activity

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