Danger Crossings

The Grammar of Tolerance

public places in the city of Munich/Germany

23.9. - 19.11.2006

Opening: 23rd of September 2006, 14 Uhr, St.-Quirin-Platz, Munich
in the project »Fliegende Bauten« by Köbberling & Kaltwasser
from 14.30 p.m. Shuttlebus-tour to the twelve artistic interventions

from 19.30 p.m. Security Festival by GSA/Konrad Becker
at Sendlinger-Tor-Place Munich

A handbook is published by Silke Schreiber Publisher ISBN: 3-88960-087-5

Artistic interventions in public places in the city of Munich/Germany by
Beate Engl, Freie Klasse München, Alex Gerbaulet, Stefano Giuriati & Aldo Giannotti, GSA/Konrad Becker, Alexander Klosch & Oliver Thuns, Klub Zwei / Simone Bader & Jo Schmeiser, Andrea Knobloch, Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser, neuroTransmitter, raumlabor_berlin / Markus Bader, Jan Liesegang  with Katharina Borsi, RELAX / chiarenza & hauser & co

Dangerous Crossings. These are twelve artistic interventions in public places in the city of Munich. What they all have in common is their examination of the Grammar of Tolerance. Grammar means: How is tolerance understood? How does it appear? What are its rules?
The dangerous Crossings bunch themselves into three thematic focal points: the first questions the eye-level at which the involved parties encounter each other, where the issue is of tolerance. The second examines what is evaluated as a norm, how normalizing establishes and secures itself, and which means of securing are brought into play. The third focal point introduces self-techniques, with which those affected by normalizing take control of their own situations.

Curated by Farida Heuck, Ralf Homann, Pia Lanzinger

Organizer: Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München
Abteilung Kulturelle Veranstaltungen und Programme – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Contact: Erwin Hartel, Telefon 089/233254 53
more information and downloads: www.ortstermine-muenchen.de