How can a museum effect change in a provincial city?

International conference

25 May 2008

The Van Abbemuseum with this conference puts itself forward as an example of precisely the kind of museum, which proffers change in a provincial city. Eindhoven is a city of approximately 200,000 inhabitants and while we have large international and national reputation and reach, our position as a public space within our more intimate local context must also be considered.
This conference proposes that, if we attempt to read our activities through the local prism, we are able in a more focused way to think and talk about the lived experience of our ideas in connection with our surroundings and this particular cities’ public.
Together with the artists we wish to discuss how the museum can reflect and instrument change within the provincial city by attending to the notion of ‘the local’, but also by faciltating global discussion though the frame of the local.

The conference is connected with Eindhoven Projects 2

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