Museum: History and Collecting

10 Oct -28 Nov 2005

Heritage, Authorship, Nation, Modernity and Other Founding Myths of the Museum
Course on Contemporary Art and Culture Heritage, narrative, authorship, nation and other foundational myths of the museum
MACBA, Barcelona, E

This course of lectures hopes to contribute to the reflection on the role of the Museum as an institution with the dual responsibility of constructing a State artistic heritage and generating historiographical accounts, and critically reconsider its role as an institution that legitimises discourse and artistic practices. The class is built around four central conceptual axes. The first is a genealogical reflection on the appearance of the Museum and its historical and cultural conditions. The second tackles the confluence of historiographical and museological discourses and, because of that, the articulation of narrative, expositive and hereditary logics. The third axis is a balance of the practices of institutional criticism, which, since the sixties, has been the primary territory of experimentation and self-criticism within the institution. And, finally, the fourth axis deals with new problems that result from heritage within the context of current technologies, new cultural politics, and new artistic practices that question and challenge traditional materialism and authority.

Speakers: Bernard Blistène, Benjamin Buchloh, Chris Dercon, Andrea Giunta, Walter Grasskamp, Hans Haacke, Francisco Jarauta, Dan Graham, Martha Rosler, Peter Weibel