Jon Solomon

Born in the United States and trained at Cornell University, Jon Solomon has lived in East Asia for 25 years, North America for 23, and Western Europe for 2. He is competent in Chinese, French, English and Japanese, and holds a permanent position as Professeur des universités at Université Jean Moulin, Lyon, France. He is a practitioner in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, enjoys the hobbies of backpacking, rangefinder photography, and the community of indie music in Taiwan.

His on-going intellectual project brings the theme of translation into the discussion about biopolitics as a privileged place for understanding and transforming the relations between anthropological difference and capitalist accumulation.

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· Mission Imbpossible - Jon Solomon im Gespräch mit Hito Steyerl über das Projekt „DeriVeD“
· Mission Imbpossible - Intervista di Hito Steyerl a Jon Solomon sul progetto da lei realizzato “DeriVeD”

· Rethinking the Meaning of Regions
Translation and Catastrophe

· Die Bedeutung der Regionen überdenken
Übersetzung und Katastrophe

· Repensando o significado das regiões
Tradução e catástrofe

· Translation, Violence, and the Heterolingual Intimacy
· Übersetzung, Gewalt und die vielsprachliche Intimität
· Traduction, violence et intimité hétérolinguale


(Rada Iveković / Boris Buden)

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